Z-slug 4″

Z-slug 4" a finesse style bait loaded with salt, 11 colors to choose from, great for wacky style, Texas Rig, Drop Shot, Carolina Rig, and Weedless.One off the most incredible rubber bait's on the market today!
RADSHAD - Smoked Copper FLK

RADShad 5″

5" soft jerk bait with no salt, for a slow sinking natural presentation.  Great on a Weedless Rig and a Carolina Rig!  The perfect size it mimic's most bait fish. Come's in 7 unique colors!

6TRIK 6″

A  6" trickworm with no salt for a slow sinking natural action in 5 different colors.  Great for Shaky Head Rig, Texas Rig, and Wacky Style!

Customer Testimonial

What an awesome worm we caught a ton of fish today nonstop on all different colors of the Zslug thanks radfish Lures

Awesome product can’t wait to use it this spring thanks radfish

I must say we out fished the Senko today with your Zslug thanks again awesome product!

We caught three 5 pounders on the black and blue zslug at Lake Champlain last summer awesome Bait!